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I-Peter I

You can access the I-Peter I system here.

What is I-Peter I?

The use of interactive on-line environments in distance learning appears to be promising because they solve some of the difficulties teachers have maintaining control of individual student progress due to the large number of students typically present in such courses. However, in the case of language learning, work is still required to design a system that is as flexible and effective as a good experienced teacher can be. I-PETER I (Intelligent Personalised English Tutoring EnviRonment) is presented as an advance in this area. Its student linguistic knowledge model is richer than that typically used in language teaching: a student's command of English is evaluated by interpreting his/her performance on specific linguistic areas in terms of related criteria, rather than by a vague linguistic competence ranking. This model enables error diagnosis to be undertaken using a Bayesian network, to reflect how teachers actually undertake this type of process in the classroom. The results of this diagnosis process enable a finer-grained control of material selection than is normally possible, giving rise to a course structure that is continuously adapted to individual student needs.

I-PETER I was developed as a prototype that would enable the system and underlying ideas to be tested before moving on to develop a full scale system that integrates all the networks and domain knowledge necessary to enable students to study the entire English language. Hence, certain aspects of the overall functionality of this prototype are greatly simplified with respect to the design of the more complete system, I-PETER II.



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